Ocean Waste
Solving the ocean waste problems.
How to solve the Ocean Waste problem?
We just need to go & pick it up.
Marine Conservation
Saving marine life is paramount to us but we must act quick as the waste is sinking.
Beach Cleaning Initiative
Solutions to clean our beaches of waste.
Ghost Net Program
To search & retrieve lost fishing gear.

Ocean Resource Management have been building a dedicated team of experts, from around the World, to help combat the ever growing problem of Ocean & Beach waste.

8 millions tonnes of waste enters the oceans yearly, work with TEEA to stem the flow.

Working to STOP all waste entering the Ocean via your estuaries, whilst actively extracting waste out of the world oceans.

Humans have created 9.1 billion tons of plastic since 1950.
Half of the plastic produced since 1950 was made in the last 13 years.
Approximatley 70% of the worlds oxygen is released by plants in the oceans.

The Waste Problems

Ocean Waste

The oceans are still filling up with waste. 8 million tonnes of waste entering our oceans a year.

River Waste

Majority of waste comes from
rivers globally, slowly leaking waste into the oceans.

Bed Waste

Plastic sinks!
Catch it before it sinks!

Ghost Nets

Incalculable amount of lost nets and it is incalculable the amount of suffering marine life that die in the most horrific way possible.

Chemicals in heavily polluted waters can make their way back to us and cause serious health issues like reproductive problems, hormonal problems, kidney damage, and nervous system damage.


Marine Life

Human behaviour is having affect on marine life globally and we are slowly reaching that point of no return.


Majority of clouds form at sea and get blown inland, but because of the floating waste, it is hampering cloud formation.

Food Chain

Currently fish get more waste out of the oceans than humans because they eat it.


Stem The Flow

Stop the waste entering the oceans.

Ocean Extraction

Go and collect the ocean waste.


82% of what’s floating can be processed and reused.