The whole problem with the Global recycling and circular economy is the expense of sorting and separating anything that can be used and put back into manufacturing, however, consider this;

Mother Nature has collected up our waste and whilst blowing this waste across continents and countries she has sorted and separated the heavy waste from the lighter waste. She then washes this waste down streams & rivers and transports it out to sea via tidal flows and currently stores it for FREE in specific areas, the gyres! Our problem as a human race has been, we have not responded to her help, so now and again she also “spits it back at use” on beaches across the Globe.

We as a company have recognise her help, which incidentally is the most expensive parts of the recycling, sorting, separating, transporting and storing, creating massive financial savings making our plan more than just viable, it’s the only solution !

Do not go, collect it and bring it to shore – extract & process the waste whilst at sea!

A FREE feed stock that is worth millions.

A note from our Chairman Paul Manning;

River, Ocean & Beach waste is like dog mess.

You can talk about it, moan about it, fine people & countries for it, even have summits to make laws and Legislation’s about it, but at the end of the day it still takes a man with a shovel and that’s us, albeit a big shovel!

What are we going to do about Ocean & Beach waste?
Simple; go and pick it up!